Touch The Void

Touch The Void


Our signature blend Touch The Void helps you interact with the Multiverse, Communicate with elementals & create a more fluid vibration of life. You are living in the illusion of the physical existence to learn and to experience your own choices.  The Touch The Void blend can help you connect with that which you cannot see or touch. Very high vibrational and allows you to tap into your own potential.


Please note - every signature blend has specific use instructions. Use as intended as these alchemical blends have high energetic properties.

Disclaimer - Please Read


None of our oils are tested/approved for animals, keep away from all pets. 

Do not use our oil blends if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. 

All of our oils are made with pure therapeutic grade essential oil blends and diluted to 5% to be safe for topical use. Please use caution when using with children as typically a dilution of .5 - 1% is recommended for children. 

As our oils are all derived from plants - let us know if you have any specific allergies/sensitivities to grasses, trees or flowers as we may have those ingredients in the oils.