Element Rollers - Full Set

Element Rollers - Full Set


Full set of our Signature Element Rollers. Five rollers total - Earth, Water, Fire, Air & Ether. 


Earth - Helps you reconnect to Mother Earth & provide a strong daily foundation of health. Connects you in with your base chakra and stabilize your energy.

Water - Helps cleanse your aura & promote clarity of mind and enhance your healing capabilites for self and others.

Fire - Helps reaffirm inner strength & faith in one’s self.

Air - Helps you release tension & connect to your higher self. Enhances communication and opens throat chakra.

Ether - Helps you connect to the five elements of life & reconnect to your God Spark. Connects to the non-physical realm and allows you to send and receive communiation more freely.


Very strong blends, we do not recommend using them all at once as they are powerful. Used with the right intent and in moderation can have a large impact to your overall connection to the elements and life's essence. 

Disclaimer - Please Read


None of our oils are tested/approved for animals, keep away from all pets. 

Do not use our oil blends if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. 

All of our oils are made with pure therapeutic grade essential oil blends and diluted to 5% to be safe for topical use. Please use caution when using with children as typically a dilution of .5 - 1% is recommended for children. 

As our oils are all derived from plants - let us know if you have any specific allergies/sensitivities to grasses, trees or flowers as we may have those ingredients in the oils.