Mother Earth & Mediumship

The spiritual community is filled with varied ways to connect to higher realms - Ascended Masters, Angels, Archangels, ETs, spirit guides, etc. Everyone is looking for ways to enhance their connection to "higher vibrations".

In our current reality, this physical one, we exist and thrive on Mother Earth. We are here for a reason, to experience life and learn lessons in this physical form - emphasis on the physical. Our natural state is one of a higher vibration - at our core, our sacred heart we are already connected to it. It always surprises me how focused everyone is on connecting to the higher realms when we haven't mastered this one - where is the true connection to your physical body and Mother Earth?

The collective of humanity is riddled with fear, control and separation. We each can pull ourselves out of this collective or "matrix" and that is great. It is required actually in order to tap into your mediumship abilities. However, there is still so much work to do here.

In many spiritual circles a huge part of your spiritual lesson is missing. That is respecting and giving back to Mother Earth. We breathe her air, we walk on her dirt, we eat the food she gives us and drink the water she provides. We exploit natural resources and abuse loving animals. We pillage the land until it stop being fertile. If you treated your mediumship this way, do you think you would have any connection at all to your guides?

There is a reason that Native American tribes and other indigenous cultures have such a power connection to the non-physical realms. It is because they know how to live in harmony with our beautiful planet. They know to respect and give back. They understand that she is living and provides to us freely.

So what does this have to do with your mediumship?

Your connection to this physical realm is a battery or power source for your energetic self. The more you connect to Mother Earth, to easier you will be able to handle higher non-physical vibrations. Think of it like building a muscle. The more weights you lift, the stronger your arms. Those arms can be used to climb up a ladder. The stronger you are physically the higher you can climb.

Next time you are outside, go out with the intention of connecting with Mother Earth. Take off your shoes & touch the ground. Sit under a tree close your eyes and send it a loving thought. Share gratitude for the food you eat and the water you drink. Most importantly - teach your children all of these things. Through all of these acts you are enhancing your core vibration - strengthening it. The stronger your core vibration and you're awareness of it, the brighter you shine.

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